• Many have asked how I became involved with Oriental Medicine: This is a first draft/first chapter of a novelette called Singapore Sling that describes the answer:click here

    Master Kirk Anthony has been practicing Oriental Medical Therapies for 37 years. He graduated from training with renowned Master Cho in Singapore in 1965, and, from there, became asst. Director of Stillpoint Foundation in the Santa Cruz mountains of California under Master Gia-Fu Feng. After Stillpoint he travelled to and established non-profit health clinics in: Jamaica, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Belize, Mexico and, in 1985, Iowa City, Iowa. He now lives and works in Mexico and Belize, providing non-profit medical treatments to indigenous peoples, holding seminars and classes for students who travel with him, and, to research and collect important Rainforest Herbal Medicine with indigenous Shamanic healers in various countries. Twelve years ago he opened a non-profit clinical practice in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, where he headquarters from November until May. He is Internationally Licensed from the British Commonwealth of Nations.

    Playing with the Acupuncture Clinic staff in Havana,Cuba!!!

    Qi Gong in the Rainforests of CUBA