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For 32 years Kirk and staff have worked in Latin America providing no-cost treatments and health education for indigenous peoples as well as SLIDING SCALE treatments for other folks. We have dealt with most forms of health problems with a unique blend of Eastern and Western methodology.

'RAINFOREST MEDICINE, the world's oldest form of Medicine, uses herbal and mineral formulas as well as a psychic, underlying energy contact between patient and Healer. Many 'Curanderos' use powerful herbal medicines to induce a self-trance state for themselves to reach that level and discover appropriate treatments. We use Chinese Medical techniques like Qi-Gong and ACUPUNCTURE and HERBAL MEDICINE to achieve the same goal-self healing.

Since re-locating his long-time practice from Iowa in 2000 Kirk has transferred treatment services to the clinic in Mexico: OPERATING A FREE NATURAL MEDICINE CLINIC FOR INDIGENOUS TRIBAL PEOPLE, INCORPORATED-NON-PROFIT: Fees for other patients depend upon their income-ie-sliding scale. Self-healing is the Prime Philosophy and the endeavor to make the individual independent of the sprawling, mistake-ridden medical mess that we call a modern health system. We base techniques upon the individual's physical/emotional makeup as well as on their specific problem(s). SPECIALIZING in: pain syndromes-(fibromyalgia to headaches), allergies, parasites, arthritis, joint pains, hypertension, sleep disorders and environmental illnesses. YOU'RE INVITED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FREE E-MAIL CONSULTATION: kirk@rainforestacademy.com

Our Clinic is located in San Miguel de Allende, in the mountains of Mexico (WE CAN ALWAYS BE REACHED BY E-MAIL). We invite interested patients to learn and heal in extraordinary environmental conditions.

HEALING VACATIONS:1 week; all(first-class OR moderate accomodations) lodging,rainforest-herbal treatments and acupuncture, included=SLIDING SCALE FEE SYSTEM=(These treatments are especially effective for pain-conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome arthritis, fibromyalgia,parasites,head-aches and tension. Make reservations anytime by E-Mail...kirk@rainforestacademy.com

WE PROVIDE SETTINGS FOR VOLUNTEER WORK/STUDY/TRAVEL:see 'Academy' section link below for more detail.

LEARNING-study tours, seminars, shamanic healing, herbal healing, acupuncture, rainforest medicine


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(44 years in practice)

For a more complete explanation of the therapies we use please consult the contents below; just scroll down and Click on subcategories with underline. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

This link is a helpful informational REFERENCE for translating herbal names from Chinese to Latin...

herbal medicine-latin to chinese

Herbal medicine has many variations depending upon geo-physical locale; we try to use local fresh herbs whenever possible and supplement these with Chinese herbal formulas, creating INDIVIDUAL recipes, usually in the form of TINCTURES, though, in some cases herbal teas are prferable. RAINFOREST MEDICINE uses this protocol plus the SHAMANIC equation discussed above-acupuncture, qi-gong and nutrition evaluation.


What are the Understanding and Methods of TCM -
(Traditional Chinese Medicine)?

TCM = Human beings are complex energetic phenomena

requiring a healthcare system that is dynamically responsive. Traditionally the

Chinese physicians used five methods in concert to treat illness and maintain

their patients' health. Each branch suggests a system of circulation in the human

body. The healthy human experiences an uninhibited flow of qi in all these systems.

...and introducing the latest SACRED CRANE QI-GONG technology...

experience the FULL POWER of Acupuncture without needles!

Especially for children and weakened adults.

[ bio-magnetic, subsonic sound treatments for all conditions.]

The Methods are the Five Branches:

Acupuncture uses very fine needles to regulate the qi which flows in the organ

and extra channels at the surface of the body These channels are related to our

organs, qi functions and relationships. This system treats illness at the energetic

level, manages pain and helps to maintain our healthy internal energy circulation.

Herbology is the preparation and use of uncommon plants and minerals as

prescription medicine. Used in classical and modern prescriptive formulas,

traditional Chinese herbology treats many disorders and diseases. Like food,

herbs affect blood and qi disorders through nourishment and assimilation.

Tuina is a generic term for the use of traditional Chinese soft tissue massage and

structural adjustment to treat injury deformity and chronic muscle disorder. This

method treats the tissues, bones and tendons to enhance and regulate the flow of

qi, blood and fluids and is often used in coordination with Qigong.

In TCM breathing is recognized as the primary expression of human life and

health. Qigong Energetics, used as a healing method, combines concentrated qi,

movement and rhythmic respiration in the treatment of disharmony/disease. The

systematic practice of qigong is also related to Daoist yoga and Chinese internal

martial arts such as taijiquan, bagua and xing yi.

Dietary Medicine is a strong method of self-treatment handed down in China. The

TCM doctor, using the energetic profile of foods, can recommend an energetically

balanced diet to treat disharmonies in the blood, fluids and particularly in the

digestive system.

more information?: E-mail to: support@rainforestacademy.com